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Stop avatar from walking to its destination

I'm fairly new to Python and Vizard, so the answer to this may be strikingly obvious to some.

I'm trying to stop my pedestrian avatar from walking to a final location as soon as I enter within the bounds of its proximity sensor.

My current code is as follows You can assume I've done all necessary module imports:

def set_avatar_proximity_sensor():
	global manager, sensor
	manager = vizproximity.Manager()

	target = vizproximity.Target(Me)
	sensor = vizproximity.addBoundingSphereSensor(pedestrian,scale=2)
def pedestrian_actions():
	runAction = vizact.walkTo( [-12, 0, 3] )
	pedestrian.addAction (runAction) 

def enter_proximity(e):
        runAction = vizact.walkTo( [-12, 0, 3] )
	pedestrian.addAction (runAction)

vizact.ontimer(0, pedestrian_actions)
manager.onEnter(sensor, enter_proximity)
So, right now, the enter_proximity function is obeyed only after the pedestrian_action function has ended. How do I interrupt the pedestrian_action function however?
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