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Thanks for the info, but it does'nt work :
I have installed Python 2.3 (which comes with its IDLE version 1.0)
and added the pathes into C:\Python23\Lib\site-packages, than run the program, but it fails to run with the message
"** WARNING: Your script failed to run, press any key to exit"

Reason : (found with the debgger) : Program exit in at line 1404 :

#If vizard is embedded then we need to exit right away
#so that multiple windows are not created
if mode & EMBEDDED:

called from the first line of my program which is

Is there a hope to go arround this problem ?

(I would be interrested too to use the Integrated Developpement tool of Wingware "Wing IDE" ( , at least a system where debugging (step-by-step etc) is available, as in IDLE with Python 2.3 or 2.4)
Bertrand Gilliard

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