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Hi timbo,

To set the default fullscreen monitor for all scripts, create a text file called vizcore.cfg in the vizard bin directory, and place in it the following code:
viz.fullscreen.monitor = 1
Where "1" is the number of your monitor, as seen in Window's display preferences. Setting it to 0 keeps it at the default of going fullscreen across all monitors.

If you want it to be the default for all scripts in a directory, place vizcore.cfg in that folder instead. If you have a vizcore.cfg in both in the same directory as your script, and one in the vizard bin directory, the one with your script will take precedence.

If you want it to be for a single script, add that line of code inside the script before viz.go() as:

For a full list of initialization commands, check the Vizard Documentation under Reference.
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