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1. Regarding the sample code, this is not exactly the kind of navigation I was looking for. My aim is to minimize the number of button pushes (as in endless_maze demo where to navigate you must press a button only when you are at the crossroads): I press once a button and then the viewpoint travels slowly ten meters (like when we push a button in an lift).
I think that the best solution is to create a keyboard function which calls a timer function which moves the viewpoint of a fixed distance and that is active until the viewpoint reaches the maximal distance. But which is the best way to set the speed?

2. Regarding the < operator, I have fixed the error in my program. Does that means that I will have to use the round function always to be sure that the float numeric value used is correct (i.e. to ensure that viz.move shifts the viewpoint of 7.3 meters and not of 7.29999999... meters) ? Is this a bug of Python ?

3. Regarding 0.016, I think that FlyingWren is right!

Thank you for your help.
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