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Question Use Vizard 2.5 with Python 2.4.1 / IDLE 1.1.1

We are evaluating Vizard 2.5 and want to use it with Python 2.4.1 and the IDE "IDLE 1.1.1 " ( instead of the build-in "2.3.3 (#51, Dec 18 2003, 20:22:39" ) loaded from the Python web site.

Reason : The debugger is well integrated in the IDLE
Problem : An error occurs because of incompatibility of a DLL when tries to import win32process

Error message :

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "D:\Temp\", line 8, in -toplevel-
import viz
File "C:\Program Files\Vizard25\", line 16, in -toplevel-
import win32process
ImportError: Module use of python23.dll conflicts with this version of Python.

(I am estonished not to find a "pythonXX.dll" in the directory tree of Python241)

- Is it possible to solve this conflict , and if yes, how ?

Thanks for your help !
Bertrand Gilliard

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