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Having revisited my program after a long delay, Iíve realised there is one problem with how it behaves. As long as the avatar remains in the starting position, rotation with the mouse works fine. But if the player uses the game controller to move the avatar backwards/forwards/sideways and then uses the mouse to rotate, instead of rotating on the spot, the avatar turns in a circle whose centre is the starting position. It is as if the mouse orientation tracker does not know that the avatarís position has changed. I have tried setting the group trackerís position equal to the head trackerís position, instead of the mouse orientation trackerís position, but this made no difference. It also occurred to me that I might need to get the position of the wrapped head tracker, as opposed to the raw head tracker, since position changes donít always affect a raw trackerís position values, but this did not help either. I attach my Vizconnect file in .txt format. Please can anybody give me advice?
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