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Try turning off any firewalls to get the VRPN data from FAAST. Although you can assign trackers individually to an avatar using the Inverse Kinematics animator, the easier way is to select the Kinect animator. This will automatically use the Kinect trackers added in the trackers tab to animate the avatar. The Kinect animator has the option to use a different head tracker (e.g. Oculus) to move the avatar around and see the movement of the rest of the avatar body with the Kinect. If you are able to get the data try the following:
  • Add the Kinect trackers in the trackers tab.
  • Add an avatar in the avatars tab.
  • Select the Kinect animator.
  • If you are using another system for head tracking
    • Press the Click to assign tracker for head button and select that tracker.
    • Face the Kinect and do a t-pose. This allows vizconnect to determine where the kinect is relative to this head tracking system. When the t-pose is performed the avatar will be uniformly scaled based on the head tracker height.
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