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Cool Creating packets for

Hi all,

I need to send data to vizard, prefferably in a manner that will trigger a NETWORK_EVENT so that I can use a callback to process the data. I have successfully setup network comm between two computers running vizard, very easy actually, but I need to setup network comm between vizard and a different platform, specifically from an apple iPad. I have successfully connected from the iPad to the vizard udp socket waiting at port 4950 but cannot get the NETWORK_EVENT to actually be called.

The problem, I believe is that vizard expects the udp packet to be in a specific format, so that variables and the like can be extracted out from the packet.

What I need to know, and wondering if someone knows the answer, is how to format the data in the udp packet so that vizard will successfully parse the packet and fire a NETWORK_EVENT

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
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