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Link only one Axis

I want to link the orientation of an mySensor with a node (box).
In my example I link the node with the MainView. Furthermore, I want to link the orientation of my sensor (src) with the node (dst) too. But not all axis, like in my example, I want to link only the orientation of the Y-axis of mySensor.
Is this possible?

import viz

box = viz.add('box.wrl', pos=[0,0,0])
plan = viz.add('tut_ground.wrl')

mySensor = viz.add( 'testtrack_all.dls' )

link =, box, mask=viz.LINK_POS|viz.LINK_ORI)
viewLinkOp = link.preMultLinkable(mySensor, target=viz.LINK_ORI)
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