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Unhappy Upgrading a program from Vizard 3.0


I have a simulation program that works well in Vizard 3.0, but have had trouble getting it going in Vizard 5. I need to incorporate a new controller and, eventually, an Oculus DK2. For now, I'll settle for having a sim that runs. It involves moving a virtual robot, but the DLL containing the functions for the robot's movement is not being recognized or loaded by the program. I get no error when I attempt to input the DLL at the beginning, but that line of code is clearly doing nothing and when it reaches the functions it cannot find them. I've tried recompiling the DLL with modifications based on the new SDK help instructions, putting the DLL in the bin folder, putting it in the plug-ins folder, even downloading the 32-bit version of Vizard 5 and re-trying from there.

I've been trying to get an answer on these forums for some time with no response at all. Please - does anyone know how to load a DLL and have it recognized in Vizard 5?
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