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The problem is solved.

Serial VRPN -> works fine. sending over a serial line no problems. (the program from the download area)

This means there is something wrong in the Ethernet version. So i traced all the packets on the ethernet and there i found something strange:
TCP connection is between and (which are the correct ethernetaddresses for the server and the client)

but the UDP update packets are send from (the server) to (???????)

This is an unkown ethernet address to me and therefore no updates are received by the client. The reason for this strange address is that the client machine has a few (3) ethernetcards and two are getting their ethernetaddress from a DHCP-server. But these two are not connected at the moment, this means their ethernetaddress is bogus. VRPN somehow uses one of the bogus ethernetaddresses to send the UDP info.

When i disable these two connections, there is one one valid ethernetaddress/card and the software runs fine.
This means that the VRPN-software picks the wrong ethernetcard for the UDP-connection, but the correct for the TCP-IP. Very strange. I don't know enough of the internals of VRPN to explain this behaviour, but i'm sure this is the reason.

But at least it works and the problem is identified.
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