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VRPN won't update

After a period (a few months) of not using the WorldViz PPT system ( 4 camera's) i wanted to use it again. But to my supprise my renderingsoftware wasn't working anymore. After some bug chasing i found that when i push the TALK button, the position of the trackers doesn't update anymore. On the WorldViz console the x,y,z positions do not change. The result is that on my VRPN i once get a change in postion (the initial position) and all next positions are equal to the previous position, so my change_position_callback isn't notified. As soon as i press the talk button again (stopping the vrpn connection), all trackers update correct again. On the ethernet i see the communication packages in normal rate , so there communication between server and client.

So basically starting the VRPN connection stops the update of the trackerpositions. Any ideas why this happens or what the cause of this problem is.


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