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I am afraid that the problem continues as soon as I introduce further animation paths. I changed the one I had before to get the following: a trial triggers an animation that moves the viewpoint through a maze until a certain point when it wiats for an arrow key. Once a key is pressed it triggers one of two possible animations (going through left or right door). After this, immmediately, the next trial should start.

Problem 1:

This almost happens, only that the second trial starts at the point where the last door was, etc. I tried resetting the animation paths at various points and nothing seems to help.

Problem 2:

For some reason, it the right arrow key seems to not work. This seems to be a problem of the if statement, because even if I replace the arrow key with the space bar, it does not take the "elif" statement...

I would highly appreciate any pointers in the right direction!

import viz															#Needed to generate a world.
import viztask														#Needed to control the experiment structure.

viz.mouse.setVisible(viz.OFF) 										#Stops the mouse appearing on the screen.
viz.mouse.setOverride(viz.ON)										#Stops Vizard navigation using the mouse.



#Set the start position:
startPos = [-6.4,0,-8]

#Load a maze and make it invisible
maze1 = viz.add('Objects/Maze_1.dae')

#Add a sky with an environment map.
env = viz.add(viz.ENVIRONMENT_MAP,'sky.jpg')
dome = viz.add('skydome.dlc')

#Parameters for the viewpoint
view = viz.MainView 

##Animation path
pathMaze1 = viz.addAnimationPath()

#Add control points to the path, along with their time stamp.
pathMaze1.addControlPoint(2, autoRemove = True, pos=startPos,euler=(0,0,0),scale=(2,2,2))
pathMaze1.addControlPoint(4, autoRemove = True, pos=startPos,euler=(90,0,0),scale=(2,2,2))
pathMaze1.addControlPoint(6, autoRemove = True, pos=(0,0,-8),euler=(0,0,0),scale=(2,2,2))
pathMaze1.addControlPoint(8, autoRemove = True, pos=(0,0,5),euler=(0,0,0),scale=(2,2,2))

#Duation of animation path
pathMaze1Duration = pathMaze1.getDuration()

#animation paths for choosing doors

pathDoorLeft = viz.addAnimationPath()
pathDoorLeft.addControlPoint(0, autoRemove = True, pos=(0,0,5),euler=(0,0,0),scale=(2,2,2))
pathDoorLeft.addControlPoint(1, autoRemove = True, pos=(0,0,5),euler=(-10,0,0),scale=(2,2,2))
pathDoorLeft.addControlPoint(2, autoRemove = True, pos=(-1.3,0,10),euler=(-10,0,0),scale=(2,2,2))
pathDoorLeftDuration = pathDoorLeft.getDuration()

pathDoorRight = viz.addAnimationPath()
pathDoorRight.addControlPoint(0, autoRemove = True, pos=(0,0,5),euler=(0,0,0),scale=(2,2,2))
pathDoorRight.addControlPoint(1, autoRemove = True, pos=(0,0,5),euler=(10,0,0),scale=(2,2,2))
pathDoorRight.addControlPoint(2, autoRemove = True, pos=(1.3,0,10),euler=(10,0,0),scale=(2,2,2))
pathDoorRightDuration = pathDoorRight.getDuration()

def chooseDoor():
	yield viztask.waitKeyDown(viz.KEY_LEFT or viz.KEY_RIGHT)
	if viz.key.isDown(viz.KEY_LEFT):
		link =,view) 
		yield viztask.waitTime(pathDoorLeftDuration)
	elif viz.key.isDown(viz.KEY_RIGHT):
		link =,view)
		yield viztask.waitTime(pathDoorRightDuration)

def animation():
	link =,view)
	yield viztask.waitTime(pathMaze1Duration)

def maze1trial():
	print 'new trial'
	link =,view)
	print view.getPosition(mode = viz.ABS_PARENT) #starting point of animation just for control purposes
	yield animation()
	print view.getPosition(mode = viz.ABS_PARENT) #ending point of animation just for control purposes
	yield chooseDoor()

def masterFunction():
	for x in range(4):
		yield maze1trial()
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