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Exposing an intersense cube via VRPN


I'm trying to set up PPT's MoCap plugin, but I'm a bit confused.

The way we are setup is that we have two machines, call them A and B - one with the Intersense cube attached to it (well, the cube is on a helmet attached to the machine) and the other running PPT Studio. The two machines are connected via ethernet.

As far as I understand, I need to have a VRPN server running on machine A so that the VRPN Input plugin on machine B can read from it. Is this correct?

If so, how do I expose this functionality? Machine B does have Vizard, if I'm missing something there. Otherwise, I have tried to download the actual VRPN server from here: but I've found a dearth of data on how to configure that server so as to expose the Intersense cube. Does anybody here know?

Thank you.
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