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Prevent Oculus DK2 updating the view with accelerometer info

I am using an Oculus Rift DK2 in conjunction with a motion capture system. Mocap markers attached to the DK2 determine the position of the 'head' and therefore the viewpoint that comes through to the screen.

However, since upgrading to the DK2, I've noticed that, even if I *don't* want the accelerometers inside the DK2 to affect the view, every time I jolt the headset, the image inside the display 'stretches' from the edges to counteract the head motion. Presumably, this must be some new method of image stabilisation to reduce motion sickness, but in my application, since I rely on the position signal from the mocap cameras, having the screen warp like this actually *increases* motion sickness.

How do I prevent the Oculus Rift from stretching the edges of my screen like this? My code is identical for both DK1 and DK2 setups, so this is likely to be a feature within the DK2 itself, but I wonder if anyone else on here has come across this problem.
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