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Smile Regarding Corner Cave in Vizard 5 using PPT-E System on a remote machine

Hi Jeff..thanx for the referene for Viz Connect..
I got the want connected to the viz connect using Vizard 5... i also got the Status of Wand&Signal and datas of Yaw roll and pitch.. in the VizConnect...
My Prset configuration Script...which was
..A Corner Caven with PPT Configuration..

i got the a Preset Configuration Script...and i saved as ..'' file..instead of ''..

The code of '' file is...


Now i want to create a script in which i want to get the wand signals and Button data and inputs my newly created script..suppose..'' in which ill move my viewpoint with refrefence to Wand JoyStick and Button Data and Inputs Data..from The wand which is active in VizConnect Window...

...Jeff please help me to achieve i m alone working on it..and i will do it..

I want to create another whioch i should navigate my ViewPoint with the help of wand..
I know that ..
In my newly script.''..
i have to write..the line as well

import vizconnect


# load vizconnect configuration file
import vizconnect

#get a handle to the input by name
input = vizconnect.getInput('mouse_buttons')


import vizconnect

keyTracker = vizconnect.getTracker('keyboard').getNode3d()

Please help me with exact code of wand helping me to move my Viewpoint...

Waiting for ur reply Jeff..Thanx..for the last help..Thanx a lot...

Mr.Rajnish Vishwakarma(Developer at Xenium Digital Pvt Ltd)
..Waiting for ur reply..
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