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Reagarding Corner Cave Room in Vizard for VR Application for wand and Joystick button

Hi Jeff..
Please help me for the following ..
i got my wand connected to the PPT machine..via VRPN...for my Corner Cave Room..
import viz
import vizconfig
import vizdragdrop
import vizshape

viz.go(viz.FULLSCREEN | viz.QUAD_BUFFER) #to enable quad buffer, must be in the start

#Create a configurable object for stereo settings
bc= vizconfig.BasicConfigurable('stereo')
bc.addChoiceRadioItem('Stereo Format',[('Quad buffer',viz.QUAD_BUFFER), \
('Anaglyphic',viz.ANAGLYPHIC), \
('Side by Side TV',viz.STEREO_3DTV_SIDE_BY_SIDE), \
('Top Bottom TV',viz.STEREO_3DTV_TOP_AND_BOTTOM),\
('Horizontal Stereo for 2 channels',viz.STEREO_HORZ)],\
bc.addFloatRangeItem('Inter-pulilary Distance',[-.5,.5],fset=viz.MainWindow.ipd,fget=viz.MainWindow.getIP D)
bc.addFloatRangeItem('Screen Distance',[0,5],fset=viz.MainWindow.screenDistance,fget=viz.MainW indow.getScreenDistance)
bc.addFloatRangeItem('Field of View Vertical',[10,150],fset=viz.MainWindow.fov,fget=viz.MainWindow.getVe rticalFOV)
bc.addFloatRangeItem('Fusion Distance',[.2,10],fset=viz.MainWindow.fusionDistance,fget=viz.MainW indow.getFusionDistance)

gallery = viz.add('gallery.osgb')

f = viz.add('vcc_female.cfg', pos=[0, 0, 2])

#wand coonection to the PPT machine


vrpn = viz.add('vrpn7.dle')
# Add PPT extension
ppt = viz.add('ppt.dle')
tracker0 = vrpn.addTracker('PPT0@WorldViz-PC',0)
tracker1 = vrpn.addTracker('PPT0@WorldViz-PC',1)

#You code for getting data of Buttons.on Wand

isense = viz.add('intersense.dle')
tracker = isense.addTracker()

def printJoystickData():

print tracker.getJoystickPosition()


def onSensorDown(e):
if e.object is tracker:
print 'Button',e.button,'down'

def onSensorUp(e):
if e.object is tracker:
print 'Button',e.button,'up'

...I m not getting any response ..from the wand..

I m performing building application on Vizard 5 for Corner cave room ...but unable to get the output..

i m cleared with python ..vizard concepts ..but there a confusion for markerid,sensors..
How many sensors are there on wand..

it the LED blink on wand is sensors?
is Joystick have sensor..?
buttons on wand has sensor..?
triggers button ahs sensor..?
what will be the marker ids for that..?
I m confused..?

Please help me to get clear concepts for cearance for marker id ..and sensors..

Please help me

Our company ..Xenium Digital Pvt Ltd has just purchased PPT system..with cameras..we have PPT studio set up..

Please help me at the earliest...

Please help me for the following....Jeff

1)Wand joystick connection data and button data..

2)Wand an Avatar to move when i press my Joystick..for ex:back forward..left and right...

3)Want my wand to attach the virtual the virtual environment...

Note; I m using Vizard 5 for building a Corner Cave room.. for my Virtual Reality..

M.Rajnish Vishwakarma(Developer at Xenium Digital Pvt Ltd.)
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