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Sorry I've got another question.
As I wrote before, I'm using a HMD(z800, emagin, see-through type).

To get a match between the real transmitter and the cube I created, I have made a method and it is 80% complete now.
Now, a problem appears when I see the transmitter(through HMD) and the cube. If I close my left eye both boxes are almost match(80 or 90 %).
Then I open my left eye and close my right eye, boxes are not match(the cube moves some centimeters left from the transmotter). I think it is because of binocular parallax?

I thought ipd is reason for that. So I changed ipd like this.
But nothing changed. I know I should use viz.HMD to get a stereoscopic view.
In this case, how can I addjust/set the binocular parallax?

I am sorry for my basic questions for many times.
Thank you.
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