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The 5dt glove does not provide position data of the hand. Some models provide pitch and roll. Most of the measurements are related to finger movements and hand gestures. You'll need an additional position/orientation tracker mounted on the glove for hand tracking. You can link the glove to the data from a physical tracking device (e.g. PPT, inertia cube) or a virtual tracker using keyboard/mouse inputs. The following code links the glove to a keyboard tracker:

glove = hand.add(sensor,hand.GLOVE_5DT)

#Create virtual tracker using WASD and other key inputs
import viztracker
handTracker = viztracker.Keyboard6DOF()

#Link the hand to the handTracker
gloveLink =, glove)
Then you can link the vase directly to the handTracker:

vaseLink =, vase)
or to the gloveLink:

vaseLink =, vase)
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