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If the room.wrl model that is found in the Vizard30/tutorials/gettingstarted folder does not work for your project you can look online at a site like Turbosquid to download a model.

We support a workflow through 3ds Max and recommend loading your model in Max, setting the units of measurement to match Vizard's and then exporting the model to the compiled OSG format, .ive. If you go through the reference section in the Vizard docs you'll see how to do this, and there are links to various sites where you can look for models.

The same is true for the other models you want to use. You could either place all the models together as you like in Max and then export to .ive and load them as a single file in Vizard or export them seperately and load them seperately in Vizard. In that case would just use node3D.setposition to place them where you want in the room.

Another option for creating a simple room is to take pictures of the walls, ceiling, and floor of a room you would like to use. Within Max you apply these six pictures as textures to the inside faces of a box and then export to .ive format and load that room model in Vizard. If you're interested in that I'll get you some more information.
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