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Can I get the Walking tracker’s turning motion while using an Oculus VR DK2 tracker?

Long title: Can I achieve the same turning motion that is implemented by the Mouse and Keyboard Walking tracker while also using an Oculus VR DK2 tracker?

In Vizard 5, I am using the ‘Oculus VR DK2’ tracker in combination with a ‘WandMagicCarpet’ transport that receives joystick input (set up using Vizconnect) so that the avatar can move backwards/forwards/left/right and turn with the joystick in addition to looking around with the Oculus HMD. However, the turning motion can cause motion sickness, and I think this might be associated with the accelerations and decelerations that the transport implements. I have noticed that the ‘Mouse and Keyboard Walking’ tracker produces a different sort of turning motion with the mouse that feels more like looking around than turning the body and seems to produce less motion sickness. I would like to implement this sort of turning in combination with the ‘Oculus VR DK2’ tracker, but I can’t find a way to do this in Vizconnect. (1) I was able to make the ‘Mouse and Keyboard Walking’ tracker work alongside the existing ‘Oculus VR DK2’ tracker by combining them in the Scene Graph, but no matter how I arranged them they interacted in nauseating ways. I need them to work independently. (2) It would seem to make more sense to have ‘walking’ as a transport than as a tracker, as transports and trackers can be combined. There is a ‘Walking’ transport available in Vizconnect, but this gives the same kind of turning as the ‘WandMagicCarpet’ transport. (3) Since the ‘Mouse and Keyboard Walking’ tracker uses a mouse input for turning, I thought of adding a mouse input, but there is no such Input option available in Vizconnect. The nearest is ‘Mouse Button’, and this gives the same sort of turning as the joystick when the left mouse button is assigned to ‘turnLeft’ and the right button to ‘turnRight’ in the transport. Overall, I think I need either: (1) a way to have two trackers operating independently; or (2) a transport with the same physics as the ‘Mouse and Keyboard Walking’ tracker. Please can you tell me if this is possible?
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