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Okay, so I figured out why nothing was happening on the screen. I had missed out some code which should have been in my driftCorrection() function:

def driftCorrection():
	pylink.openGraphics((_display_width, _display_height))
	pylink.setCalibrationColors((255, 255, 255), (0, 0, 0))  	#Sets the calibration target and background color
	pylink.setTargetSize(int(_display_width / 70.0), int(_display_width / 300.0));
	pylink.setCalibrationSounds("", "", "");
	pylink.setDriftCorrectSounds("", "off", "off");
	print "Called: Drift Correction"
	pylink.getEYELINK().doDriftCorrect(960, 540, 0, 0)
However, I now get a black screen SDL application which is separate from the Vizard application. Nothing happens and all keyboard input is blocked so I tab out of it and return the experiment where I can hit escape.

In the Vizard output box, I get the following error:

pylink.openGraphics((_display_width, _display_height))
RuntimeError: Could not initalize graphics

Unfortunately, this isn't helping me much because I run the exact same line of code when calling the calibration routine before the experiment.
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