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max to vizard problems

Dear Reader,

I am building models in Max 2011 and exporting them to Vizard. I am following this tutorial down to the last checkbox.

Before, I was building models in Maya, exporting them to FBX, then importing them into Max, baking shadows, and exporting. There was some tweaking involved before baking, and I don't remember exactly what I was doing, but it was working. 2.jpg is the way it ended up and it was absolutely beautiful. It was exactly what I wanted. By the way, the lighting in that image is done with a single skylight.

Then I had to add some stuff to the model. I did that, rebaked all the shadows, and exported. It was a disaster. See 1.jpg for details.

So I ran a script to get rid of all textures in the Max model:
for theItem in selection do ( theItem.material = undefined )
I selected everything and then ran the script. Then I re-textured everything. This is how I did that:

1- Drag an image from Windows Explorer onto the geometry in Max that you want to texture.

2- The image is on the geometry. If it looks all stretched out, click the Modify tab, then add the UVW unwrap modifier or something, make it look right, then collapse the modifier stack.

3- If another piece of geometry needs pretty much the same texture, press M. One of the many Material Editors comes up. Select one of those gray balls, click the eyedropper, click the geometry with the texture you want to duplicate. The ball changes color. Drag the ball onto all the other geometry that you want to have the same texture. If there's a lot of it, select all the geometry first, then drag the ball onto them.

Then I baked and exported everything according to the same tutorial. The result is 1.jpg. Stuff is just randomly disappearing from opacity into transparency. Shadows are wrong, as if there's invisible geometry all over the place casting the shadows.

The lighting in the one that isn't working is the same.

Thank you for reading. Please help.
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