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Problems with interaction of vizact.turn and animation path

Hello, I am writing a script to control avatars, and am attempting to use animation paths to control them. Generally, this works fine, but if I try to rotate first using an Avatar.add(vizact.turn(foo)), then start the path once I have reached the target angle, I get very strange behavior - a model with a specific head had the head follow a different path from the body, and it sometimes resulted in following the path in the wrong order.

So, a few queries -
First, is there a command to tell when an avatar's action pool is empty? Since I think the problem is the vizact.turn is still at the tail end when the path starts, if I could query what wizard thought, rather that checking the avatars angle, it would probably fix the problem.

Secondly, I found some references to an improved walkto command with the option to not turn off the walk animation, and that accepted lists, that was supposed to be in the next release - has this version made it yet?

Relatedly, is there a command to tell when a path is done?

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