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Problem mapping mesh names to actual meshes


I need to change the texture of a specific mesh of a home-made cal3d avatar. The problem is that vizard doesn't seem to map the mesh names right. Hypothetically I use a .cfg file that looks like this (this is in fact only a fragment of the real .cfg I'm using):

skeleton = avatar_skel.CSF

mesh = head.CMF
mesh = torso.CMF
mesh = pants.CMF
mesh = rhand.CMF
mesh = lhand.CMF

material = head.CRF
material = shirt.CRF
material = pants.CRF
material = rhand.CRF
material = lhand.CRF


Now, let's say I want to change the texture of the shirt to shirt.jpg. I would do the following, right?

avatar = viz.add('avatar.cfg')
shirt = viz.add('shirt.jpg')
avatar.texture(shirt, 'shirt.CMF')
This doesn't work. It changes a texture alright, but not of the shirt (depending on the order of the meshes in the .cfg file it changes the texture of another mesh, and actually it looks kinda cool to have a red eye-ball ).

Anyway, what am I doing wrong? (I'm using vizard 2.53f)


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