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The following code creates a mousetracker object from the Viztracker module. The hand gets linked to this mousetracker. When you pick an object it gets linked to the hand.

import viz


import viztracker
tracker = viztracker.MousePos()

#Add the object that will do the grabbing and link it to the tracker
hand = viz.add('marker.wrl'), hand)

#turn off mouse navigation

#Add the object that the marker will grab
ball = viz.add( 'ball.wrl' )
ball.translate( 0.5, 1.5, 3 )

link = None
#Grab or let go of the ball

def toggleLink():
	global link
	if link:
		#If link exits, stop grabbing
		link = None

	elif vizmat.Distance(hand.getPosition(), ball.getPosition()) < .5:
		link = viz.grab( hand, ball )

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