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Oculus Rift Drift

We are running an Oculus Rift with our Vizard Wirks package for an experiment that involves a subject looking down and to the right for extended periods of time while virtual targets are presented. I calibrate the Rift before every test run, and have tried running it with the magnetic yaw correction in the Oculus calibration settings both on and off, but I cannot eliminate a problem with yaw drift. For example, when the script starts, looking straight is "straight" in the virtual world. However, after a few minutes of looking down and to the right, looking straight is no longer "straight" in the world, but more skewed toward a corner. I have also tried turning off the sensor.setPrediction setting within Vizard. Resetting the sensor with the subject looking straight ahead fixes the problem briefly, but the drift persists afterwards.

Any tips for fixing this drift?
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