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Hi farshizzo,
My explanatory question above still stand, but in doesn't work! I keep getting the error:
AttributeError: 'VizSensor' object has no attribute 'preTrans'

Here's my code, which as near as I can tell follows both your example and the code in the <link>.preTrans help file:

view = viz.MainView
#Link viewpoint with tracker, initialize boresite
if keyControl == 1: #If you're using the tracker
headTrack = viz.add('tracker.dls'), view) #Link the sensor to the view.
headTrack.preTrans(0,-.15,.14) #Boresite function - translates the viewpoint from the tracker position to eyepoint position
viz.eyeheight(0.0) #This is to compensate for vizard's intrinsic eyeheight of 2m
viz.ipd(eyeohd/100.0) #Set ipd from input above

Additionally, I've tried (had been using) viz.addSensor('intersense') - that doesn't work either, but are these commands redundant? Thanks.
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