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Smile Regarding Vizard+ARTSmart Track

Hi Jeff,
Than you for ur reply for ,my last post.
This is also related to last post.
As told by you i have used the "powerwall co-ordinates" as my display and i managed to get orientation and feeling correctly with the ART SmatTrack Camera(as i used to get using World viz camera)when i m orienting in the environment room in the setup.


My head tracker in working proper ,but i have also attached handTracker in the the trackers options in the avatar animator section.
I should get the hand tracker glove to be visible in the display,but it is not visible.
But i m not able to get the HandTracker(Hand Glove not visible) in the display when i have taken "powerwall co-ordinates" as a siplay.

Also pls c to my question and request you to clarify jeff:
1)What happen if i select only "powerwall" instead of "powerwall co-ordinates"?
2)What is "standard" display refers to in vizconnect and does powerwall refers to both "powerwall' and "powerwall coordinates"

I have also attached my "" file in the post.
Pls also see to that.

Also pls explain me the last two lines of your code you posted in reply in some words,as i am not able to get,Pls jeff.

Your code:


Pls assist me jeff.
Waiting for ur reply.

Mr.Rajnish Vishwakarma
Xenium Digital Pvt ltd,Mumbai
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