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worldviz will certainly offer packages with both, the HMZ-T2 and the oculus rift.

currently the HMZ-T2 is not officially available in the USA, and Sony does not offer support / service in the USA for HMZ-T2 units purchased outside the USA. We are working on trying to find a solution for this.

we can offer Wirks packages based on the HMZ-T2 if needed, if the customer is willing to have a warranty on it that requires shipment back / forth with Europe or Canada in case of a needed repair to the HMD. if you are intersted in such an option, please send an email to

RE the Rift, currently it seems that delivery time is at least 3 month for units.
internally we are still going thru the testing needed to include the rift into an optimal package for a low cost system. we expect a bundle to be available soon.

it's exciting times now in the lower cost HMD markets. clearly they cannot fully match all the specs/performance which we get with a high end HMD system, but the low cost ones are now getting good enough for really meaningful VR and simulation applications.

and for the new Kinect, we will certainly look into how to best integrate this into the low cost bundles as soon as it's available.
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