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record and playback head-tracked data

Hi Vizards, I'm a little stuck on a project I've been trying to implement. I have a Power Wall setup with head-tracking in which I'd like to record the head position and orientation while a user walks around a virtual environment. Then, while the user remains stationary, I'd like to play back that same scene (with frustum and view updates) to the user.

I can setup my cave, link the head-tracker to it, and record the head-tracking data just fine with a onFrameUpdate callback. But then when I try to remove the head-tracker (programmatically), and use the recorded coordinates to update the cave frustums (cave.update) and Vizard MainView (viz.MainView.setPosition) it doesn't behave as I expect, and the scene simply doesn't update.

Maybe I'm not understanding what the right approach to this problem is at all. Perhaps I should be using some sort of camera? Could any of you Vizard guru's please give me some help? Thank you!
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