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Cool For users with a floating license: Adding Vizard License Server as a Service

Adding Vizard License Server as a Service in FireDaemon (recommended

The program "firedaemon" will turn any program into a service.
You'll have to purchase an end-user license from and use this product to setup the license server as a service.

1) Install and Run FireDaemon

2) Click on "Service -> New" under the main menu

3) Fill in the following information for the form:

Short Name: VizardServer
Display Name: VizardServer
Description: Run Vizard License Server as a Windows Service

4) For the "Executable" field click the browse button to the right of it and browse to "C:\Program Files\Vizard25\bin\winviz.exe" or wherever your Vizard program is installed.

5) For the "Parameters" field enter: SERVER0

6) Click "Install".

This will automatically install and start the Vizard service. Whenever your computer is turned on the service will automatically start.

To stop the service, run FireDaemon and select the "VizardServer" item in the service list. Once it is selected, click on "Service -> Stop"
under the main menu.

To restart it, click on "Service -> Start" under the main menu.
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