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Vizard R5: Adding realtime light to a scene and enabling shadows.

Hi arshbot, here's a short tutorial on that:
Vizard R5: Adding realtime light to a scene and enabling shadows.
Sample Files: Realtime (7.5Mb)

Starting with an unlit scene in Inspector:
- First, Go to Create -> Light -> Directional Light
- Then, in the properties window check the box for "Shadows"

- Next, name the light node so it can be accessed through code
- You can set the angle of the sun node using the rotation controls
- The position of a directional light does not affect its output, but can be used to move the node's icon to a more convenient location.

- The ambient light level can also be set. This is accessed through the "Scene" root node.
- After setting the ambient light level, this can be stored within the file by checking "Save Scene Settings" within the properties panel.

- Finally, save the file from inspector by going to File -> Save As...
- Pick a location and a filename, then hit Save. If you are editing an existing file, you may want to overwrite it.

If you are constantly iterating on exports, it can be convenient to delete the geometry before saving the lighting so the lighting can be saved in a separate file. This allows you to easily merge the lighting into any new exported file or add it through Vizard code.
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