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world is tilting - intersense or code problem?

Have you ever experienced your worlds starting to tilt to the left or right? We are. I am thinking source of the problem is the intersense. The tilt seems to vary over time - possibly randomly. Sometimes it seems to level out. Sometimes it seems to drift.

Any thoughts?

I have recently figured out how to make 3d work in our setup, and even more recently had some (limited) success with reseting the intersense. See my recent thread on this subject (I am overdue in updating progress on that thread..I think the thread is called "reset intersense not working"). Perhaps there is something less than optimal about the way I am doing linking to the intersense and/or resetting that is making the intersense confused.

You don't have any likely diagnoses bc of that do you?

It does not seem to be caused by slipping of the hmd on the wearers head (although there is some slippage the tilting seems more extreme...i think I have also noticed it right at startup when the hmd was level).

We thought maybe the Velcro connection btwn intersense and hmd was the process we actually removed the enter cube from the hmd as it was being worn by someone. Miraculously, the vr scene did not change is orientation no matter how much we tilted the intersense cube! Instead, the vr scene orientation changed only in response to yaw, roll or pitch rotational movement of the head on which the hmd was (still) being worn. How could thus be? Isn't orientation of head measured solely by the intersense cube? Is this behavior anomolous? If so, perhaps it is related to the tilting we are describing in the previous 2 paragraphs? (Note that we do not have our PPT system turned on...the blue ligth on our hmd is on but the cameras and the rest of the ppt software are not running).

Any thoughts?

One last point....I seem to be getting the same behavior on our other intersense as well. Maybe it is less severe? (Sometimes I doubt my own perceptions of tilt...been wearing the HMD so long that I wonder if I am getting disoriented? That said, other's have definitely noticed the tilt on the first HMD.
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