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Question about postScale while linking two objects

Hello all,

here is what I want to achieve:

Link an object (destination) to the viewpoint (source), so that it moves with the viewpoint BUT at a different speed. E.g. if the viewpoint moves 10m, the linked object should only move 2m.

I managed to do that with the postScale command. However, the scaling is also applied to the inital offset of the destination object. This is a problem, because I want to destination object to start out at a certain offset, independent of the speed scaling.

I tried to manually set a transformation matrix but failed so far. I included a small sample script. Here, the pigeon starts out at an offset of [3,0,3] from the viewport. I want it to move with the viewport, but at a different speed.
If I apply a postScale, the pigeon will NOT start out at an offset of [3,0,3], but at the offset multiplied by the scale.

import viz

model = viz.add('pit.osgb')

pigeon = viz.addAvatar('pigeon.cfg')

# with linking
pigeonlink =, pigeon, offset = [3,0,3], mask = viz.LINK_POS)

postScale = pigeonlink.postScale([0.8,0,0.8], target = viz.LINK_POS_OP)

Thanks for your help in advance!
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