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Cave Collision problem


I am converting a project that was a HMD to CAVE. Unfortunately, doing so massive broke my code due to non-overlapping the function calls and different masks.

Anyway, I have it "ducted taped" for the most part, but there is one problem I do not understand. I am having the same problem as this person:

Thus, my menu that should stay relative to a person flies away when I run into a wall. BUT, the callback solution in the other thread doesn't fire. In fact, my code throws an error when I even try to change the collision saying the cave origin viewpoint returned by vizcave.CaveView doesn't have that function.

The stepsize() call does not work properly either. I have a few steps and without the CAVE, I climb; with the CAVE I'm stuck at the bottom. This is a problem since I need to implement jumping/floating and I can't even jump onto the first step.

I've tried to implement my own collision detection, but it does not work too well (just a line intersection from my current position .5m off the floor to about .2m in the direction I want to go). If I could get the current position, it would help, but .getPosition() returns a position on the floor, and .getPosition(viz.VIEW_ORI), .getPosition(viz.BODY_ORI) , and .getPosition(viz.HEAD_ORI) all return [0,0,0]

While I'm here, perhaps you can explain another thing I did wrong. With the HMD the participant's eye height works by using viz.eyeheight(); with the CAVE I have to use "view".setPosition() (sort of works). Why did it break?
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