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Problem with newer Intersense Inertiacube 2

We have two of these trackers, bought a year or
more apart. The serial numbers are:
Old: SC2-0208045-D
New: 100-IMU00-0210

The old one works fine, while the new one is
not being detected by Vizard at all (on one computer)
or only intermittently (on another computer).
Informal testing with the Intersense drivers
show that both seem to work OK. So
evidently there is something in the Vizard
driver that is not working properly with the
newer tracker? Has Intersense made some
minor change in data format or whatever
since we got our older one?

Has anyone else had such a problem with a newer
inertiacube 2?
Vizard 2.17 here.

--Eliot Smith
Indiana University
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