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timer question again

So I've created an "elapsed time" timer. Now I want that timer to start when I start my program (i.e. when I start moving the picture) (which starts on an "onkeydown" command).

def timer1():
print 'Elapsed time:',viz.elapsed(), 'seconds'
def onkeydown(key):
if key == ' ':

So what happens now is once Vizard is done loading the stimulus timer1 starts automatically and even if I don't start moving the picture. So after 60 seconds it will print something like "Elapsed time: 60.0023467 seconds". What I need Vizard to do is to start that only once I've hit the spacebar ' ' key to start moving the picture. But I'm having a lot of trouble embedding it in there without having a whole other timer. What can I do?
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