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Higher Quality Models


I'm doing some research and I was wondering if anyone could be of assistance. I'm currently a modeler for my college clinic project. We are using Vizard and Unity to create educational games to help students learn certain concepts. This is my second year making models for this project. I was told my first year that Vizard does not render the models as well as they are rendered in Maya because Vizard can't handle the polygon count. This leads to models that look very nice in Maya, to look very plain in Vizard. I was told this by a grad student at the time but was never explained why. I don't know that much about Vizard, as I generally just make models in Maya, but I do know they don't look as nice as when I create them in Maya. On the other hand, the models in Unity look as they do when rendered in Maya. My question is, is there any way to increase the quality of models we are exporting to Vizard through Maya?

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