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Just a thought... (from a not-so-experienced programmer)

couldn't one take care of the "wierd jumps" by seeing if there is a switch in lights and adjusting where your PPT data goes depending on which lights crossed over? That is, once we determined that the left hand went above the head, we store that info somewhere and essentially use the "head" light (highest light in PPT) for the left hand?

I think this could be accomplished by storing the last point(s) a light was at, and when the PPT system thinks the lights suddenly "jumped" to different places, you compare the "history" and adjust properly.

I'm not sure how one would code this, but it seems like its computationally possible and would not be too cpu expensive.

extremely sudo code:

# so before any objects are moved/rotated
if (hand and head jump farther than threashhold value)
compute distance between handL.prev() and head.pos()
if distance < jump distance
#hand now higher than head
swap head and hand inputs

the only problem with this is when the hand is close to the head in all coords (x,y,z). then the code might err when the expected distance >= to the jump distance.

*i have no idea if this makes sense or is full of mistakes
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