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Hi Max, this is a very good question - thanks for bringing it up. The PPT tracker does not distinguish the identity of the up to 4 LEDs it tracks, just reports their position. Identity switches can occur, but usually they do not occur if the speed of the movement is below a certain threshold (which you can define yourself as one of the parameters in PPT 1.4).

Depending on the application, it is possible to distinguish very robustly which marker is which, just by using simple criteria like height (see for example a movie from a recent setup we had with Stanford University at Wired Magazine's NextFest in San Francisco: ). In this fighting application, the higher marker is always the head, the lower marker the hand.

In your case, that would do the job for making sure the hands and the head do not get mixed up (for example after you bring your hand up to the HMD for adjustments). For distinguishing left and right hand, you can implement this in your Vizard script. Please contact me directly at about this.
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