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Changing a 3d scene from daytime to nighttime?

Dear forum members,

I tried my best on my own, but i got to admit I am lost right now. I am trying to change a 3d scene (e.g. the "piazza") from daytime to nighttime. Is there a way to change the lighting accordingly just using Vizard? My basic idea was to turn off all existing lights an place a few new point lights in the locations of the streetlamps of "piazza". I tried to edit the lighting directly in the osgb.-file using Vizard inspector, but I was not able to turn off the light simulating the sunlight. Is it possible to make these changes within Vizard/Vizard Inspector, or do I have to use 3ds Max for this? Apologies, if these question are basic knowledge, but I couldnt find solutions online either.

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