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Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
If you're getting yaw drift you can correct that by adding the optical heading plug-in in vizconnect. This setup requires that you have two PPT markers mounted above the HMD.
I have this same problem and I'm considering 2 possible solutions.

1/ I have 6 tracking lights/markers in all but usually only use one for tracking the participant's head so have I understood you correctly that I could use two of my spare ones to orient the yaw for the rift? (in a similar way to your eyes 2014 product?)

I usually try to use vizconnect to configure my hardware setup. Can you advise how I could integrate my markers with this please for yaw control? and how I get Vizard to take the yaw settings from the markers but to take the pitch and roll setting from the rift.

Also, should I always fix them a set, fixed separation?

2/ Or, alternatively, I have a spare intersense wireless inertiacube3. Would I be better to get Vizard to use this for the yaw, pitch and roll settings and to use the rift as a dumb display. Again, advice on configuraton in Vizconnect would be much appreciated.

I would favour whichever approach gave me the best responsiveness.

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