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The setup is slightly different in Vizconnect depending on whether you have an Enterprise or Development license. In both cases you'll add two displays, a custom window and a nvis display.

With Enterprise, you have the option to run a local cluster and two instances of Vizard, one instance for each display. Press the 'Visibility' button for each display to specify which client should render it.

With Development, everything is setup using a single Vizard application window. This window will span the entire width of the NVIS and external monitor. Using subwindows, one covers the width of the NVIS and the other covers the width of the external monitor. If your monitor is not the same resolution as the NVIS, you'll need to figure out exactly how to size and position your sub windows. You also need to take into consideration where the external monitor is relative to the NVIS (e.g. left or right). Press the 'Size/Pos' button for each display to configure it's size and position relative to the application window.
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