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Question Stereo HMD and experimenter's monitor

I have an nVisor ST50, a PC with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti, and a single Dell monitor. What I'd like is to have the HMD display in stereo with the monitor essentially cloning that output, for the experimenter to be able to view. However, the only situation I can get stereo to work on the HMD is when I use NVIDIA's "surround display" to span across the two eyes, and disable the monitor. If I enable the monitor, no matter how I mess with NVIDIA or Vizard's settings, it screws everything up. I'm able to get essentially what I want by just making the two eyes and the monitor clones of each other, but I'd like what's being displayed on the HMD to be in stereo. Is there any way to have stereoscopic vision on my nVisor without making the experimenter blind to what the participant is viewing?
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