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vicon pluglin - cluster problems

I have 6 pc’s in an cave environment. All are connected to my vicon tracking server. During visualisation I get this error message "ERROR: Failed to sync frame with following clients:" from different client.
Sometimes my vicon server get also a “fatal error message” which killed my RealTime Engine (set my vicon server offline). I can activate this error if I take out and bring in my vicon tracking object into the recognition area of my vicon camera system. If I do this very often my vicon server get an error and switch into the offline modus.
If I use other vicon client software I can not notice this problem.

1. Try the vicon plugin any connection during the streaming mode if the vicon object returned only zero values? Or are there other tcp/ip messages implemented in the vicon plug-in which can produce this fatal error?

2. Is it possible to get the Vicon.sensor date only at the master client and can the master client update the viz.clients with this current tracking data?

3. Furthermore I miss the function viconSensor.getQuat()! How I implement this function in my viconSensorObject?

4. Is it possible to get the source code of the vicon plug-in?

1043 [15:19:36] TM : Checking if Fully connected to Tarsus...
1044 [15:19:36] TM : Yes, Fully connected to Tarsus
1045 [15:20:03] Error: Fatal RealTime Engine Failure! RealTime has been stopped...
1046 [15:20:03] OT : Object Tracker received notification that there was a RealTime Engine ERROR
1047 [15:20:03] OT : Canceling Event Batch and going Offline
1048 [15:20:03] OT : Changing state from Online to Offline...
1049 [15:20:03] OT : Canceling any recording that may be in progress and pausing TarsusManager
1050 [15:20:03] TM : Sending Streaming Request
1051 [15:20:03] TM : Checking if At All connected to Tarsus...
1052 [15:20:03] TM : Yes, connected to Tarsus
1053 [15:20:03] TM : Stopped Tarsus
1054 [15:20:03] TM : Disconnecting from Tarsus
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