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right-hand to left-hand coordinate System for a cave setup

I have a vicon tracking system (right-hand-coordinate-system) and I want to use this system in a cave environment. So I have to swap the position und orientation data of my vicon-body-object (“ViewTracker”).
For a “” object no problem, but how can I do this for the cave setup tracker-object?

Vicon = viz.add('vicon.dle', 0, ViconIP)
ViewTracker = Vicon.getBody(0)

cave = vizcave.Cave()

cave.setTracker(ViewTracker)   #ViewTracker.swapPos([3,2,-1])??? 
caveorigin = vizcave.CaveView(viewtracker)

origintracker = viztracker.KeyboardMouse6DOF()
originlink = (origintracker, caveorigin)
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