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Hi Rfam,

It is easy to export a skeleton as an avatar, but the animations that come with the vcc_male avatar will not work with the export unless the original skeleton file is used. We can't give out the original skeleton file, but I'll check if it's alright to export a skeleton avatar for you that can use the animations.

To export a biped skeleton as an avatar within Max, select all the bones in the biped, go to Tools ----> Snapshot , then select Mesh as the snapshot type. just take one snapshot in the biped's base pose.

Next, select the root node of the new non-biped skeleton and attach all its children into one mesh. Be careful not to attach any parts of the actual biped since this can cause crashes.

Once it is all one mesh, add a Skin modifier and add all the bones from the biped, then adjusted the skinning as you wish.

Once that is done, you can follow the exporting steps in this tutorial:
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