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For post-process plug-in you should only need:

Marker ID
PPT Eyes
PPT Wand

If you're connecting the PPT wand to the Vizard machine, you should not have the PPT wand plug-in in PPT Studio. The wand orientation and analog/button data can be read directly in Vizard using the wand local options under tracker and inputs in vizconnect.

There should be 3 markers being used. 1 and 2 are for the eyes. 3 is for the wand. The PPT Eyes plug-in should specify markers 1 and 2, not 1 and 3. PPT Eyes will combine 1 and 2 into just marker 1 with orientation.

The screenshot shows the cameras are not calibrated. Follow the instructions in the PPT documentation to calibrate.

In vizconnect, you'll want to connect to 2 PPT trackers, one for the eyes and one for the wand. The preset option for cornercavern should already have it set like that. However, the preset assumes the wand is connected directly to Vizard for orientation data and input data. You can change those options in the advanced configuration if you need to have the wand connected through PPT Studio.
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