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Intermittent orthographic stereo projection problems

I have an application where I am using both stereo and orthographic projection. For apparently arbitrary reasons, everything in the scene will suddenly have an incorrect disparity, all too far forward or too far back, and sometimes with a spurious vertical component - as if the projection has gotten changed somewhere. It seems to happen just before or after "important" events fire, such as timer events.

I have code that can reproduce the bug reliably for me, but very subtle changes (such as changing the frequencies of the aforementioned timers) will lead to the bug going in and out of existence, so I don't know if it would be helpful at all.

Any suggestions as to what could be going wrong? I also have been trying to narrow down what exactly changes - my hunch is the screen distance, but is there any way to query its value?

[edit] I do have trackers that can be linked to the viewpoint when I'm running in cave mode, but I break the links with the viewpoint when I switch to orthographic projection (by giving a None tracker to CaveView, IIRC). Are there any problems with doing it this way?

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